Axure RP 更新记录

Axure RP Beta Update

1/4/2018 – Bug Fixes

  • Fixed loading a file saved in a Repeater
  • Fixed occasional error navigating to pages with complex Snapshot structures
  • Fixed turning overridden Bold off through text edit
  • Fixed error undoing a deleted Master convert

Axure RP Beta Update

12/20/2017 – Bug Fixes

  • Added link to previously generated Axure Share project
  • Added link to auto generated Axure Share Team projects
  • Fixed freeze starting some text edits
  • Fixed some common minor bug reports from edits
  • Fixed issues with Regenerate Current Page to HTML
  • Fixed error tabbing with only hidden from view Widgets
  • Fixed error undoing resize of locked Custom Shape
  • Fixed error sizing down stacked rectangle with corner radius
  • Fixed print to PDF on Windows with altered images
  • Fixed error printing with no selected pages
  • Fixed some issues logging into accounts (Enterprise)
  • Fixed some HTML generation errors
  • Fixed some errors from legacy files

Axure RP Beta Update

11/30/2017 – Bug Fixes

  • Fixed occasional dead click on macOS 10.13
  • Fixed possible error after pan/zoom on Snapshot
  • Fixed launching Edge browser after Generate HTML Files
  • Fixed potential memory error generating many large tables
  • Fixed footnote location on Text Links in HTML
  • Fixed location in Preview after multiple nudges
  • Fixed issue with images in IxStyles in Repeaters in HTML
  • Reverted fix normalizing fonts to multiples of 100 for HTML
  • Many minor UI fixes

Axure RP Update

11/10/2017 – Update & Bug Fixes

  • Updated Icon library and added categories
  • Fixed macOS 10.13 multiple dock icons
  • Fixed macOS 10.13 shift scrolling

  • Fixed some issues with proxy and startup

  • Fixed duplicating a Panel State containing a Repeater
  • Fixed error opening Widget Style Manager with no pages open
  • Fixed some AVs not matching from imported libraries
  • Fixed some issues converting SVG to shape
  • Fixed some shapes copied from Sketch incorrectly combining
  • Fixed adding and loading bullets on blank text
  • Fixed error resizing table with Text Link
  • Fixed error from ‘\n’ somehow getting into a Text Link
  • Fixed Toggle Left/Right toolbar buttons when in overflow
  • Fixed an error generating Spec with legacy DPs
  • Fixed pen tool potentially overwriting Shape style
  • Fixes for Font Weight on Mac
  • Fixes for live editing previews

  • Fixed some images not rendering in the HTML

  • Fixed error pushing some edge combinations of Widgets in HTML
  • Fixed js error enabling a Group with Unplaced Widgets in HTML
  • Fixed alignment of Checkbox and Radio Button in HTML
  • Fixed selected styling of Widgets in Repeaters in HTML
  • Fixed issues with images in Repeaters
  • Fixed autosizing in non-refreshed Repeaters
  • Fixed some improper wrapping in Tree Widgets






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